NASA Staff Meeting Minutes 13 February 1995

Subject: Staff Meeting Minutes 2/13/1995
Date: Monday, February 13, 1995 6:00PM

The following documents the discussions addressed at the Senior Staff and Center Directors' Meeting on February 13, 1995. Action assignments are bolded. Mr. Goldin was in attendance.

1. A/Goldin

At the Senior Management Meeting on February 8, 1995, we briefly discussed a hiring freeze--Center Directors were opposed. However, while the Agency is undergoing downsizing and a possible Reduction-in-Force, I have decided to implement an Agencywide freeze, effectively immediately, to ensure that we maintain the trust and confidence of our employees. We can revisit the issue on May 17, following the Zero-Base Review. Also, all co-op hires, Headquarters GS-14 and -15 promotions, SES appointments, and transfers from the Centers to Headquarters will be held in abeyance until after May 17. The Centers may promote internally. General Armstrong will follow up with the details. It is our responsibility to ensure that the employees receive the maximum consideration for their dignity.

2. AA Reports

B/Holz: The new Financial Management Information System project is progressing well in consonance with the termination of the NASA Accounting and Financial Information Systems and the Time, Attendance, and Labor Collection/Labor Distribution. The Council is scheduled to meet this week, and a new Project Director has been identified.

Z/Ladwig: Mr. Goldin met with Alice Rivlin, Director, OMB, on February 10 to discuss Phase 2 of Reinventing Government. Dr. Gibbons and representatives from the National Performance Review were also in attendance. NASA is the first Agency to present its reinvention concept, and it received the endorsement of the meeting participants. Mr. Goldin will be meeting with the Vice President in the near future to discuss.

H/Lee: Ms. Lee thanked everyone for their attention to the various procurement processes--a noticeable improvement.

R/Reeves: The NSTC Committee on Transportation R&D has added a new subcommittee, the Vehicles Working Group I, to discuss the national strategy for aeronautics. A meeting is scheduled for February 16--participants will include NASA, OSTP, OMB, DOD, FAA, and DOT.

Y/Kennel: Discussions with the Brazilian Space Agency were held the week of January 30 through February 3 to complete the Memorandum of Understanding for the smoke/sulfate, clouds, and radiation experiment. The Russia SAGE-III team is in Istra, Russia, this week to continue interface discussions. Preliminary reports indicate that the discussions are going well. GOES-J will be shipped to the launch site on February 21. Dr. Kennel met House Authorization staffers last week--there are still some unresolved questions in the global change area; topics also included privatization of EOS and data distribution of EOSDIS to private users.

S/Huntress: Dr. Huntress provided his thanks to the GSFC, in particular to the Explorer Office, for hosting his visit on February 10. He stated that he met some very innovative young people--GSFC should be proud.

AO/Lynn: Mr. Lynn expressed his thanks to the Center teams for the excellent ideas presented during the Zero-Base Crosscut Review last week--should be able to use many of the suggestions.

X/Mansfield: The quick-look results from the STS-63 Spacehab experiments look good. An interesting result has been observed from the issuance of the Cooperative Agreement Notices on the X-33 and X-34. Certain contractors have identified key NASA employees by name, as part of the bid.

P/Boeder: NASA received spectacular coverage all over the country on the STS-63 mission, in particular, the Shuttle-Mir rendezvous and Astronaut Harris' spacewalk. Also, during Mir's 9-year space flight, the Russian people had never viewed any external shots of the spacecraft--thanks to our coverage the Russian people had the first-hand opportunity to see what it looked like. An IMAX camera was carried onboard STS-63, and thanks to the renegotiation efforts of Codes G and H and members from the Public Affairs staff, NASA will now own the copyright of all images. The Second Administrator's Series that was held on February 10 will be rebroadcast on February 14 at 10 a.m. EST.

F/Armstrong: As of February 10, 657 applications have been received toward the Agency buyout. Instructions and question and answers, regarding the Agencywide freeze, will be transmitted to Associate Administrators and Center Directors.

E/Freeman: Dr. Freeman reiterated that the buyout is voluntary. Employees have made calls and visits to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs stating that they were being singled out to take the buyout. It is our responsibility to share information with the employees, but it should not be construed that there are targeted individuals. Equal Opportunity participated in the review of a GLOBE Announcement of Opportunity--88 proposals received, including three from Minority Institutions-- Howard University, Florida International, and the University of Puerto Rico.

J/Cooper: The NASA Office of Inspector General is initiating an audit of the Bermuda, Merritt Island, and Ponce De Leon Tracking Stations. Code O is the point of contact. A kickoff was held with GAO on February 10 on the review of civilian and DOD aircraft use to transport senior civilian and military personnel.

L/Lawrence: Mr. Goldin is testifying before the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, Chairman Sensenbrenner, Committee on Science, today (February 13) at 12:30 p.m. EST.

3. AD/Dailey

Their will be no telecon next week. February 20 is a holiday and a Headquarters Workforce Review is scheduled on February 21 in which both General Dailey and Mr. Mott will be participating. Dr. Broedling's farewell reception will be held February 16 at the Fort Meyers Officers Club.

4. Center Director Reports

ARC/Munechika: Preliminary results of the IMMUNE-2 experiment carried on board Discovery look good.

GSFC/Klineberg: The TDRS Preship Review went well--will be shipped April 6 and launched June 22. An ARIES launch from Wallops, on behalf of the Navy, failed. The February 8 Science Workshop designed to serve as an outreach to the science community for developing new ways of doing missions had over 300 attendees. NOAA-14 has a problem with the Search and Rescue System Instrument--France developed. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory is scheduled to be launched October 31.

JPL/Stone: The Independent Assessment Review of the Earth-swingby scenario (Cassini) report presented to OSTP went well. Dr. Lew Allen has been awarded the 1995 Goddard Astronautics Award by the AIAA. The Martian Chronicle may be obtained via the Internet.

JSC/Huntoon: The STS-63 crew is in great shape. The vehicle is back in the OPF. The Expert Panel Report on the Space Station is due this week. The Phase I and II Review between NASA and the Russian Space Agency will be held the end of March. The Spektr module shipment has been slipped.

KSC/Honeycutt: Discovery is back in the OPF--tires and brakes look extremely good.

LaRC/Holloway: Last week, he conducted a televised briefing discussing the zero- base activity, budget cuts, and downsizing--well attended. LaRC is leading the buyout effort--160 have applied. He expects an additional increase today. There has been tremendous feedback from LaRC personnel that they understand the seriousness of the situation to meet the budget constraints.

SSC/Estess: On February 9, there was incident at the test complex--60 feet of hydrogen line blew up. Facility will be up and running on February 20.

5. AD/Dailey (continued)

To build on Dr. Freeman's comment, we must ensure that the employees understand that this is the last time a buyout will be available because of the dramatic budget cuts. However, by the same token, we must temper the anxiety level.

Again, we believe it is prudent to effect the Agencywide freeze until at least May 17, when the results of the Zero-Base Review will be released. Mr. Goldin will be the only individual granting waivers to the Agencywide freeze policies.

H/Lee: What about Headquarters personnel being reassigned to the Field Centers? Gen. Dailey replied that those transfers may continue. Ms. Lee also pursued about buyout deferrals. Gen. Armstrong stated that GSA had adopted the policy to delay buyout at the lower grade levels; however, in the case of NASA, we believe that the buyouts must be effected now to offset our budget posture. We cannot afford to obligate the funds now and hold for a period of 2 years. The buyout legislation does leave it at the discretion of the Agency head to make the determination to defer the buyout. Gen. Dailey interjected that NASA's position is to effect the buyout now. We do not plan to grant extensions.


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