NASA Staff Meeting Minutes 17 April 1995

Subject: Time: 10:43 AM OFFICE MEMO 4/17/95 staff meeting minutes
Date: 4/18/95 Minutes of Senior Staff and Center Directors' Meeting April 17, 1995

The following documents the discussions addressed at the Senior Staff and Center Directors' Meeting on April 17, 1995. Action assignments are bolded. Mr. Goldin was not in attendance.

1. AA Reports

Z/Ladwig: OSTP has launched an interagency effort to update the U.S. space policy. NASA has the Executive Secretary role for the review. An internal NASA group will be formed to address the issues raised as the new space policy is developed. Code Z will keep officials posted on the progress.

Y/Norton: Contract negotiations with the Russian Space Agency on the SAGE and TOMS missions were completed on April 13, 1995, at LaRC.

E/Hall: NASA Headquarters will once again participate in the "National Take Our Daughters to Work Day Program" on April 27. The Headquarters event is sponsored by the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and the Women's Advisory Council. The 1-day event is designed to enable girls, ages 9 to 15, to experience the wide range of career choices open to them in the workplace. If personnel wish to participate in the program, contact Lynda Sampson at 358-0965 or Barbara Stone at 358-0692. The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs was pleased to fund the LaRC Preservice Teacher Education Conference on April 14. The Conference theme was "Tomorrow's Mathematics, Science, and Technology Challenge" and consisted of a satellite broadcast panel, presentations by experts in the field of education, a tour of LaRC, and several participatory workshops; it was well attended by approximately 350 students from HBCU's and OMU's.

G/Frankle: Sons may also participate in the "Work Day Program," if desired.

X/Mansfield: Dr. Mansfield thanked JPL for hosting the X-33 Technology Review last week.

P/Boeder: On April 14, the Zero-Base Review and Science Crosscutting findings were released to the press by unidentified sources. Guidance has been provided to the Field Center Public Affairs offices to address inquiries as they arise. If any questions, contact Laurie Boeder or Brian Welch.

K/Thomas: The Second Technology Opportunity Showcase at LaRC on April 5 was a tremendous success. Mr. Thomas would encourage other Field Centers to have similar events. The 5th Annual Procurement Opportunities Expo '95 , which is sponsored by the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization and cosponsored by 35 Federal agencies, will be held on April 18 at The Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

J/Cooper: On April 19, an exhibit will be displayed in the West Lobby for NASA's celebration of "Earth Day." Our primary campaign activity will be to work toward a paperless system. Ms. Cooper provided a graph depicting that during FY 1994, NASA Headquarters order 298 tons of 8 1/2- by 11-inch paper and only recycled 40.7 tons (enclosure). The Headquarters goal for FY 1995 is to reduce paper consumption by 15 percent. She seeks support from the Associate Administrators to encourage their employees to use less paper, increase electronic transmissions, and recycle more.

2. AD/Dailey

The overdue correspondence is under control. The Senior Management Meeting will be held on April 18 at 8:30 a.m. The Zero-Base Review Team will present their recommendations which will be followed by Center presentations (15-minute duration) to clarify and or express implications. This review is a prebriefing for the May 10 meeting with Mr. Goldin. The review findings and recommendations will have a total Agency impact, and it is imperative that all the issues be discussed and implications understood. This meeting is not intended to negotiate items off the list-- only to clarify and status proposed actions. There will be a reception held in the Representational Dining Facility at 5 p.m. on April 18 to honor Dr. M.R.C. Greenwood (returning to California). If interested in attending, contact Josie Soper ($4 per person).

3. Center Director Reports

GSFC/Weyers: Joe Rothenberg, new Deputy Center Director, will report for duty on April 24. Dr. Klineberg's retirement party will be held on April 27; he is officially retiring effective May 3. The TDRS F-7 launch is scheduled for June 8 at KSC. The NOAA-J launch remains on schedule for May 19. The TOMS launch, aboard a Pegasus-XL, is scheduled for the first part of July. Gen. Dailey inquired if we were ok with the Pegasus-XL. Dr. Mulville advised that the Pegasus-XL Return-to-Fight Planning Board will meet on April 28 to review mission readiness. The Air Force STEP-III flight is scheduled for mid-to-late May. The Board will reconvene after that flight to review flight results.

JSC/Abbey: JSC continues to monitor the Mir activities--press activities are scheduled for this week. The Spektr launch delay is still pending--launch prep activities are being conducted in parallel on STS-71 and 70. Representative Ken Bentsen (D-TX) is visiting JSC today (April 17). Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) will be visiting JSC next week.

KSC/Parrish: KSC was not on the hookup but provided the following information for the record. Columbia, OV-102, returned to KSC on April 14, after a 6-month orbiter maintenance period at Palmdale. OV-102 was installed in the VAB on April 15 and will stay in the VAB until rollover of OV-104, Atlantis. OV-104 is scheduled to move out of the VAB on April 19; OV-102 will then enter Bay 3 in the VAB on April 21.

LaRC/Beach: He also was pleased with the results of the TOPS Conference and the Preservice Teachers Conference, specifically the level of enthusiasm among the 300 science and math educators attending the Preservice Teachers Conference.

LeRC/Barna: A short turnaround test of a U.S. Army tank projectile was conducted by LeRC on March 12 to 14. The testing was funded by the Army Aerobalistics Office at Pickatinny Arsenal. The testing involved obtaining the spin rate of a test centerbody for each of 10 different fin assemblies, at five different angles of attack, with the model at Mach 5. A contract was signed with AlliedSignal on March 31. This contract constitutes the design, fabrication, verification, and integration support of the U.S. supplied Power Generation System (PGS) for the joint U.S./Russian Solar Dynamic Flight Demonstration Project. The first international workshop on the development of flight hardware for microgravity investigations on the international Space Station, sponsored by the NASA Headquarters Microgravity Science and Applications Division, was hosted by LeRC on April 10 and 11. Participants included individuals from the Headquarters of the European Space Agency, with representatives from the French National Center of Space Studies, the National Space Development Agency of Japan, the Russian Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. Each country presented an overview of their microgravity science program planned for Space Station and the hardware currently available or in design/development to support that research. As a result of this workshop, there exists strong potential for collaboration with several of the partners.

MSFC/Griner: Ms. Griner inquired how the role of the Associate Administrators would be integrated into the discussion tomorrow at the Senior Management Meeting. Gen. Dailey advised that they will definitely be involved in the discussion; he assumed the Center briefings would be handled by the Center Directors.

SSC/Roth: Mr. Goldin' s visit to Stennis last week was well-received by the employees. SSC is looking forward to Gen. Dailey's visit this week.

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