Unofficial NASA RIF Update

From: kcowing@ (Keith L. Cowing)
Subject: Unofficial NASA RIF Update
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 11:20:39 -0500

Rumour du jour:

Info from very high up in a science code at NASA HQ, has the rumour that Goldin is going to insist on a 50% reduction in the present HQ staffing, FROM ITS PRESENT LEVEL, by September 1996. This would be approx. 700 positions. It is believed by many that this number is not at all realistic and that it is merely a rumor placed in the mill in accordance with the "management by fear" policy described by Mal Peterson in his 27 March HQ briefing wherein vugraphs were shown concerning "the value of fear in managing corporate-downsizing."

Fact du jour:

The formal integration of the Space Station Program Office (SSPO) with JSC was completed recently. Effective March 17, 1996, SSPO officially became a part of JSC. Last week, all SSPO employees received an SF50 notifying them of the realignment. SSPO employees are now included in all JSC personnel and payroll systems.

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