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Aug 22 1996

TO: 1996 NASA Survey Participants
FROM: AD/Acting Deputy Administrator
SUBJECT: 1996 Agencywide Employee and Customer Satisfaction Survey

You have been randomly selected to participate in the 1996 NASA Agencywide Employee and Customer Satisfaction Survey. We would appreciate your assistance in this important effort by completing the enclosed questionnaire by September 10, 1996, and returning it in the envelope provided.

Space Station: Update on the Impact of the Expanded Russian Role (Letter Report, 07/29/94, GAO/NSIAD-94-248).

Contrary to claims that Russian participation in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) proposed international space station would save $2 billion, GAO's analysis shows that there are no net savings from Russian participation that could be used to fund other areas of the program and accelerate the space station schedule. The $2 billion in savings would be largely offset by (1) at least $1.4 billion in program changes to accommodate the Russians and (2) $400 million in funding requirements arising from lower than anticipated contributions of Russian hardware. NASA still believes that it can meet its assembly schedule and $17.4 billion funding target. However, NASA will have to find substantial savings from other sources to offset the Russian-related funding increases and accelerate the schedule. NASA recently identified additional shuttle improvements that will be needed as a result of Russian participation, which could further boost space station funding requirements.

Minutes of Senior Staff and Center Director's Meeting August 12, 1996

The following documents the discussions addressed at the Senior Staff and Center Director's Meeting on August 12, 1996. Mr. Goldin and General Dailey were not in attendance. Action assignments have been placed in brackets [ ] for easy identification. Note: The Senior Staff and Center Director's Meeting was not conducted on August 5, 1996.



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