NASA Staff Meeting Minutes 12 August 1996

Minutes of Senior Staff and Center Director's Meeting August 12, 1996

The following documents the discussions addressed at the Senior Staff and Center Director's Meeting on August 12, 1996. Mr. Goldin and General Dailey were not in attendance. Action assignments have been placed in brackets [ ] for easy identification. Note: The Senior Staff and Center Director's Meeting was not conducted on August 5, 1996.

1. AA Reports

E/Reese: The Federal Dispute Conference will be held on August 18 through 22 in Anaheim , California. The conference has a broad agenda scheduled, and representation from EEO, OPM, and other agencies with whom NASA interacts concerning EEO issues, will attend. Last week, NASA received a copy of a OPM report to the White House concerning diversity issues throughout the Government. Code E is currently reviewing the details of the report.

B/Holz: Mr. Holz stated that budget reviews will be conducted August 13 through 15.

H/Lee: Ms. Lee thanked everyone for their efforts concerning the Single Process Block Changes and the development of the questions and answers associated with it.

Y/Luther: The launch of the ADEOS spacecraft will be on August 16, 1996, at 9:29 a.m. The launch will have two Code Y payloads aboard, the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) and the NASA Scattermeter (NSCAT). The electronic release of the Earth System Science Pathfinder program, released on July 19, 1996, has been downloaded in excess of 11,000 times, and the submissions are due on August 15, 1996. (Note: ADEOS had a successful launch.)

P/Boeder: CBS interviewed Dr. Lucid on August 12, 1996. The 1996 Astronaut Class will be introduced in a press conference on August 12, 1996. A press conference will be conducted on August 13, 1996, at JPL to release new images from Galileo. NASA's recent announcement concerning life on Mars has captured the interest of both the national and international press with an intensity that has not been experienced in a while. Currently, the homepage concerning the Mars information has been accessed in excess of 300,000 times. Ms. Boeder thanked ARC for its efforts in making this information available to Internet users.

Z/Ladwig: Mr. Ladwig thanked HQ and the Centers for their nominations for the Hammer Award. A total of 27 NASA nominations will be forwarded for consideration. The Strategic Management Meeting is scheduled for October 8 and 9, 1996.

K/Thomas: Next week Code K will be participating in the New England Business and Technology Conference on August 19 through 20. During this conference, SAIC will be awarded a mentoring protege award. Ms. Thomas thanked KSC for its support of the Region IV(8A) Contractors Association Conference held on August 9, 1996, in Orlando, Florida.

2. AT/Mott

The OIC's and Center Directors will be receiving the OSTP Federal Laboratory Review Data from the project officer, Richard Kline, for review and comment.

Mr. Mott thanked everyone in advance for giving this request their immediate attention.

The HQ Softball Challenge is underway with the first game being played on August 13?, 1996 when the Codes X/S Team will play Code R, and the Codes A/Z Team will meet the E/G/H Team. The game will be held at the same field as last year, Jefferson Field at 7th and G Street, SW, at 5:30 p.m. (Note: Games were canceled due to weather.)

The Strategic Management meeting will be conducted on October 8 and 9, 1996, in Washington, DC. The location will be determined at a later date.

3. Center Director Reports

ARC/McDonald: California has been experience extensive power outages; however, ARC has not been adversely impacted.

GSFC/Rothenberg: Thermal vacuum certification for POLAR was discussed.

JPL/Stone: The Laboratory experienced an extensive power outage on August 10, 1996; however, there was no impact. The Mars Pathfinder is being shipped to KSC on August 16, 1996.

JSC/Abbey: The 1997 Astronaut class will begin its training this week. Preparations for the launch of STS-79 are proceeding well. Several Russian Cosmonauts are currently training on Mir experiments at the Center.

LeRC/Campbell: LeRC supported the IITA Middle School Regional Summer Computer Workshop held July 15 through 26, 1996. This workshop is another example of the way teachers are being exposed to modern computer equipment and applications. Once teachers learn how to use this technology and once they incorporate it into their classrooms, their students will then be exposed to computer technology and aeronautics applications, enhancing their educational experience.

MSFC/Littles: The Second Aerospace Technology Conference was a success and provided a good forum for the discussions concerning future goals and recent successes.



Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices:
B/Mr. Holz
C/Mr. Christensen
E/Mr. Reese (Acting)
F/Gen. Armstrong
G/Mr. Frankle
H/Ms. Lee
I/Mr. Schumacher
J/Ms. Cooper
K/Mr. Thomas
L/Mr. Lawrence
M/Mr. Trafton
O/Dr. Lundy (Acting)
P/Ms. Boeder
Q/Mr. Gregory
R/Dr. Whitehead
S/Dr. Huntress
U/Dr. Nicogossian (Acting)
W/Ms. Gross
X/Dr. Mansfield
Y/Mr. Townsend (Acting)
Z/Mr. Ladwig

Directors, NASA Field Installations:
ARC/Dr. McDonald
DFRC/Mr. Szalai
GSFC/Mr. Rothenberg
JSC/Mr. Abbey
KSC/Mr. Honeycutt
LaRC/Dr. Creedon
LeRC/Mr. Campbell
MSFC/Dr. Littles
SSC/Mr. Estess

Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory:
Dr. Stone

A/Ms. Wilcoxen
AB/Ms. Saldana
AD/Ms. Shaeffer
AE/Ms. Moore
AI/Ms. McClung
AO/Ms. Wissinger
AT/Ms. Doss
C-3/Ms. Soper

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