Multicultural Leadership Program Training

TO: Distribution (AAs)
FROM: C/Associate Administrator for Headquarters Operations
SUBJECT: Multicultural Leadership Program training

I believe we have all committed ourselves to NASA's Multicultural Leadership Program (MLP) training. MLP training will provide Headquarters employees with leadership tools and communication skills vital to understanding and managing the Agency's changing workplace and workforce. In light of your past commitment to MLP Training, I thank you and ask for your continued support in this area. I am requesting that your office continue to share employees on a collateral basis as trainer/facilitators for the remainder of the calendar year. We anticipate that with the addition of two professional contract trainers, NASA employees will rotate on a monthly basis requiring a commitment of a minimum of 3-4 days every other month. Listed on the enclosure, are the names of employees in your codes who have volunteered as trainers.

Although 30 per cent of the Headquarters workforce has attended some form of MLP training, the goal of the program remains that all HQ employees receive this training by the end of the calendar year. Beginning in late January 1997, two-day workshops will be held every other week and will target Headquarters employees who have not taken the training. In view of the challenges we are facing today and the opportunity for enhancing leadership skills, supervisors are required to attend the MLP training and are requested to strongly encourage their employees to participate. Also, please alert your training coordinators about scheduling employees for this activity. Their assistance and your cooperation in promoting and signing-up employees for this program will be vital to its success.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Rodriguez at the Headquarters Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Office at 358-1098. Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Michael D. Christensen


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