Mir Status Report 1 April 1997

Subject: Telecon Notes
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 1997 9:36AM
Regular Tuesday Ops Telecon 4/1/97

1) Shuttle Status - Mentioned RCS seal-saver problem on OV-104, no launch impact expected as of now.

2) Mir Status - Yuri A. reviewed thermal loop status. Due to Kvant II internal loop leak that module is running about 3 deg C higher than normal but still within allowed limits. Also one of the solar array batteries (sets?) is running a little warm due to the reduced cooling. They plan to use the sealant to repair the leaks tomorrw but it will take a total of three days (curing time) before the loop is running. Victor emphasized that this is the only loop they think is leaking into the cabin, the other loop leaks are believed to be internal....

Victor also pointed out that while everybody in Houston is worried about O2 generation, the Russians are feeling far more vulnerable in the thermal loop area.

Repair plans/order after Progress is 1) Elektron filter bypass (3 hrs), 2) thermal loop leak troubleshooting (flourescent dye tracer), and then EVA preps April 15th).

3) They have received the copy of the STS-81 joint incidents report and have several 'updates' TTI/B. Fingerov will provide them with an electronic copy of the TTI translation to facilitate markups.

4) The strategy for the potential addition of the sixth docked day was discussed. Victor proposed that the first activity was to transfer and install the Elektron, on the first docked day, even before seat transfer. That would keep from breaking up the currently planned sequence of docked activities. (I do not see any problems with this, if Phase 1 is OK with it). The existing Elektron unit will already have been removed before docking.

Note: Victor indicated that we were returning the fluid units for BOTH elektrons on Mir now. This is not my understanding. He said the electronic control modules are OK, only the fluid units need to be returned. I thought we have told Vorobiev we did not have room for both. Also, this proposal gives insight into their confidence in getting the onboard unit working....

5) Other topics addressed were STS-86 timelines (sleep cycle) and changes to the comm and interactions document 3245. Victor mention that THEY HAD TALKED TO THE 86 CREW WHILE THEY WERE IN MOSCOW AND TALKED ABOUT ADDING A 6th DOCKED DAY... More work remains on these last items.

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