Mir Status Report 24 September 1997

Date: Wednesday, September 24, 1997// MD 50/132

Mir Station System/Subsystem Activities
All systems continued to function nominally today, except for the urine water
recovery system, which has not yet been repaired.

Mir Payload Activities
BTS Checkout; Interactions; MIPS telemetry prep


Experiment Hardware - BTS checkout and functional check was completed. Mike informed MOST that he encountered one anomaly, but time did not allow him to elaborate. MOST will attempt to obtain more information on this on our first comm opportunity tomorrow.

Stowage/Transfer - Mike indicated that he would be returning the MiSDE cable which had been cut following the Spektr collision, as well as potentially around 0.5 MLE of CUPS accessories, which are currently useless onboard.

SMP/Medical - Mike participated in a no-mission impact PMC.

Environmental Parameters (previous 24 hour period):
Parameter Min. Max. Nominal Range
Pressure (mmHg) BB 616 622 660-850
ppO2 (mmHg) 147 151 140-200
ppCO2 (mmHg) 5.8 6.7 up to 8.0
ppH20 (mmHg) 13.3 14.3 8-14
Humidity (percentage) 55 60 30-75
Temperature (xC) (BB) 25.0 25.8 18-28

Planning / MIR 24/NASA 5 MD 51/133
Beetle Ventilation & Power Status Check
Weekly PAO Status Briefing; MIPS Downlink Prep.
MGBX Checkout; Packing

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