Mir Status Report 19 September 1997

Date: Friday, September 19, 1997 // MD 45/127


Kvant-1 gyrodyne #3 was spun up overnight, bringing the total number of active units to ten. Kvant-2 gyrodyne #1 is awaiting the delivery of a spare electronics unit on STS-86. Mr. Skursky informed us that repair work on Kvant-1 gyrodyne #6 would require the station to be put on thruster attitude control for two days, and they don't want to expend the fuel that this would require.

The urine water recovery system SRV-U is unable to drain the urine residue (brine left over after the distillation process) into the residue EDV. This could be due to a clog or bubbles in the system. If this cannot be resolved, one possible solution will be installation of another EDV downstream of the distillator. The system was shut down this evening.

Greenhouse Daily Ops; MiSDE Orientation
GASMAP packing; OPM repower

Experiment Operations/Greenhouse data: Mike reported there are no sprouts from the seeds yet and that he thinks they will start sprouting in about 2 days. Photography was canceled today since no sprouts are visible and since MiSDE ran significantly overtime.

Experiment Hardware / Greenhouse Control Unit - Mike reported an error when initializing Program 3. The error was MF 9B. This error indicates an erroneous compressor activation and was cleared by restarting the program. The error reappeared later in the day. Mike performed the troubleshooting steps listed in the FDF and checked connections and wiggled wires in back of the Svet, restarted the program which "sort of fixed it" but then it reappeared later and he has not been able to troubleshoot further.

MiSDE Sensors - Mike began checking the MiSDE sensors' orientation today. His first statement was that each sensor took 45 minutes to uncover and evaluate. At last count he had examine one uniaxial sensor and two triaxials. The uniaxial sensor in Krystall had to be removed and realigned to get the Z axis in a tangential relationship to the module cross section. He checked the triaxial sensors in Krystall and Kvant 2 and recorded their positions. When all the information has been made available we will include it in the status report. He was going to concentrate on the uniaxial sensors and only perform the checks on the triaxials if time permitted.

Environmental Parameters (Previous 24 hour period):
Parameter Min. Max. Nominal Range
Pressure (mmHg) BB 618 620 660-850
ppO2 (mmHg) 149 154 140-200
ppCO2 (mmHg) 4.2 5.1 up to 8.0
ppH20 (mmHg) 13.5 14.8 8-14
Humidity (percentage) 54 60 30-75
Temperature (C) (BB) 25.6 26.1 18-28

A/G with Consultants Group
10:19-10:21 Greenhouse
12:35-12:37 Greenhouse
15:21-15:24 Greenhouse, Packing, MiSDE
16:46-16:58 Packing, MiSDE, Greenhouse

MIR 24/NASA 5 MD 46/128
Greenhouse Daily Ops (FE-1)
Beetle Power Status Check
PUP check-out
MIPS check-out
Private Family Conference

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