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Mir Status 20 October 1997

Date: Monday, October 20, 1997 // MD 76/25

Mir Station System/Subsystem Activities

The second IVA into Spektr was conducted today, and the crew connected two of the three cables for the solar array orientation system to the hermaplate on the hatch. They were unable to make one of the connections due to difficulties with access, so one of the three undamaged arrays will not be steerable. The MOST is attempting to find out which one this is, but it is believed to be the array opposite the damaged array. The current plan is to make the connection to the Kristall avionics on Wednesday, the 22nd.

Mr. Blagov told us that they do not yet know the cause of the failure to depressurize the Progress vestibule on Saturday. They suspect that a limit switch was not making contact, preventing the supply of power to the valve. However, the depressurization worked fine on Sunday. He said that the crew will take a closer look for causes when they reopen Progress.

Mir Status 19 October 1997

NASA 6 Status Date: Sunday, October 19, 1997// MD 75/24

Mir Station System/Subsystem Activities

The Progress vestibule was successfully depressurized today. The station was commanded to free drift at DMT 11:37 this morning, and the crew then removed the Progress clamps and closed the Kvant-1 hatch. The depress was started at 13:05, and by the end of the comm pass the pressure had dropped to 37 mm. The valve was closed and the station returned to solar inertial attitude control at 13:41.

In further preparations for the IVA, the crew disconnected the cables for the Omega angular rate sensor in Kristall, and ORT-1 was enabled as the primary sensor, with ORT-2 in hot standby mode. They also disconnected the cables for the Kvant-2 Elektron, which receives power from Kristall. They shut down the Kvant-1 Elektron without purging after the 13:00 comm pass.

NASA MIR Program
Mir 24 / NASA 6 Status

Date: Sunday, October 5, 1997
Mission Day: Mir 24 / NASA 6 MD 61/10

Mir 24 CDR Anatoly Solovyov
Mir 24 FE Pavel Vinogradov
NASA 6 FE Dave Wolf

Mir Station System/Subsystem Activities
In preparation for tomorrow's undocking, the crew closed the hatch to
Progress and performed leak checks today and also performed a TORU checkout.
Progress M-36 launched successfully early this evening.



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