28 August 1998: 
Liquid Flyback Booster Study, What's New in Program Development
Volume 1, Number 3 August, 1998, NASA MSFC

2 July 1998: USA Assumes Responsibility for Three Additional Major Shuttle
, press release, Yahoo

26 May 1998: 
Russ Turner Named President & CEO of United Space Alliance, press release, Yahoo

1 February 1998: Safety concerns should prompt close scrutiny of NASA layoffs, A Florida Today Editorial

29 January 1998: 
Statement by Rep. Dave Weldon on Space Shuttle Safety

"I remain deeply concerned about the manner in which these
layoffs were planned and carried out, and I will continue to pursue a
Congressional review of that issue. I am confident that the workers and
managers at USA and NASA will make it their top priority to operate the
Shuttle fleet safely."

29 January 1998: NASA advisory group voices concerns about layoff plan, Florida Today

28 January 1998: Space shuttle program to shed 480 jobs, Reuters, Yahoo

29 January 1998: 
NASA clears USA plan to reduce shuttle workforce, Florida Today

29 January 1998: 
Shuttle Program says USA process won't affect safety, NASA press release

"NOTE: Copies of NASA's safety analysis on the USA work force
reduction process is available for review in NASA newsrooms at HQ,
JSC and KSC. "

Note: If NASA is so confident about this decision, you'd think that the report mentioned in this story would be important enough for NASA to distribute widely. Shouldn't reporters be allowed to have copies of the report to study - and quote accurately? A look at the Code Q website's What's New page, updated on 16 January, makes no mention of this report.

21 January 1998:  
Lockheed Martin and CSOC Partners Demonstrate Model
Architecture For Future Space Operations
, press release, Yahoo

20 January 1998:  
Boeing Appoints Former Astronaut Dick Covey to Key
Consolidated Space Operations Post
, Boeing press release, Yahoo

16 January 1998:  Assessment of the SFOC/USA Risk Management Process for Determining Proposed Staff Reductions, NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance.

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