Mir Status Report Excerpts 20-22 December 1998

Dec 20: While repressurizing the BKV-3 (air conditioner) today, one of the coolant lines apparently leaked. The shift flight director reported that approximately 500g of freon leaked into the atmosphere. The precise location of the leak is unknown, but telemetry is showing that the leak has stopped. An onboard concentration of 1.7g/m3 has been estimated. The JSC toxicology group is investigating, but believes this concentration to be within acceptable NASA SMAC levels. .... Russian Medical Group reported that the current freon level was not considered dangerous to the crew. Dave was asked to take a grab air sample in the general vicinity of the BKV-3 in the base block.

Dec 21: The shift flight director reported today that the freon-218 leak which occurred yesterday happened previously in 1991. At that time, approximately 1 kg (twice the quantity of yesterday's spill) leaked into the atmosphere. The trace contaminants filter cleared the atmosphere of that amount in approximately 10-14 days. No ill effects were experienced by the onboard crew at that time.

Dec 22: The Base Block air conditioner is the primary supply for the Condensate Recovery System. With the air conditioner not operating, the supply to the condensate recovery system is only the Soyuz dehumidifying system. The MCC team is currently looking at ways to maintain a nominal Condensate Recovery System water production rate using purely the Soyuz dehumidifying system.

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