I thought NASA was overhauling its IFMP

14 January 2003: NASA Improves Costing Capabilities by Making Galorath's SEER Tools Available Corporate-wide

"NASA began using SEER-H at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama in the early 1990's. Over the years, many of the other centers began using the tools and it became more economical to buy a corporate license, stated Hamaker, who worked as a cost engineer and analyst at Marshall before being promoted to headquarters. "In general, SEER is just a very good set of modeling tools," said Hamaker. "We are able to calibrate SEER to our historical track record and we've come to understand which parameters are applicable to NASA so our estimating can be continuously refined and more accurate."

Editor's note: I am a little confused. I thought NASA was overhauling its IFMP given that the old way of doing things was broken - or was it that NASA had the right tools but didn't use them?

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