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10 January 2003: GRC Reimbursement System Back on Track?

A notice being circulated at GRC from a NASA Watch: "I just spoke with the bank - we can resume using our purchase cards."

From another reader at MSFC: "Thanks to the new NASA IFMP (Integrated Financial Management Program [Problem]) many people at MSFC did not get timely reimbursements for government travel. As a result, some travelers had their Bank of America (BoA) government cards cancelled when they were late with payments. I personally didn't receive a reimbursement (just under $1,000) until 1/3/03 for a trip I took at the end of 9/02. According to the 12/19/02 edition of the "Marshall Star", 300 NASA team members were honored with awards for their work on the IFMP and O'Keefe and Mulville attended the ceremony."

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