Dems don't like space

15 January 2004: Gore blasts Bush space plan, says Earth neglected, Reuters

"Instead of spending enormous sums of money on an unimaginative and retread effort to make a tiny portion of the moon habitable for a handful of people, we should focus instead on a massive effort to ensure that the Earth is habitable for future generations," Gore said to a cheering Manhattan crowd."

15 January 2004: Bush Calls for New Direction for Space Program, McClatchy Newspapers

"Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in New Hampshire last week, said Bush's plan "is not worth bankrupting the country" and suggested it is politically motivated. Some analysts said Bush wants to inject a bold, forward-looking domestic initiative into his re-election campaign this year."

15 January 2004: Kerry comments on Moon Policy, SF Chronicle

"Rather than sending Americans to Mars or the moon right now, these people would be better off trying to figure out how to get Americans back from Iraq," he said."

15 January 2004: Transcript - Bush Space Plans, Dr. John H. Gibbons Former Presidential Science & Technology Adviser, Washington Post

"Dr. John H. Gibbons: I'm sad about the focus on human space flight when we're doing so well with robotics which extend human presence. This refocus on human flight is something that worries me greatly. I think its a misplaced focus on the future that will borrow heavily from an already deficit-ridden country. It also seems to be unilateral, and it should be an international effort."

15 January 2004: Razor-thin race whips Iowa into final frenzy, Washington Post (via Seattle Times)

The passion that unions feel about defeating Bush became evident when, in his speech, Gephardt made a dismissive reference to the president's new proposal that would send Americans back to the moon and eventually to Mars. Spontaneously, the union workers broke out in a chant: "Send Bush to Mars! Send Bush to Mars!"

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