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20 May 2004: NASA's bookkeeping system still won't fly, Orlando Sentinel

"Nearly 2 1/2 years after NASA chief Sean O'Keefe vowed to straighten up the agency's bookkeeping, the effort continues to struggle. "It may be years before NASA can get a clean audit," said Robert Cobb, the agency's inspector general, during a hearing Wednesday of a subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee."

19 May 2004: NASA systems: Houston, we have a problem, GCN News

"NASA's has bungled its $982.7 million enterprise resource planning system project in a way that caused the agency to lose track of $2 billion in its Treasury Department account and forced it to adjust its books, witnesses told a House committee this afternoon."

19 May 2004: Mission Impossible? Fixing NASA's Financial Management, House Government Reform Committee

"The Government Reform Subcommittee on Efficiency and Financial Management will hold an oversight hearing to look at problems with financial management at NASA, where recent audits have revealed serious problems."

18 May 2004: Updated NSSC Site Seletion Process and Q&A 01

18 May 2004: NASA Shared Services Center Industry Day, NASA

"NASA will hold a two-day industry day to provide an overview and current status of the NSSC acquisition and to provide a forum for potential offerors to get information and meet with representatives from the six possible sites for the NSSC. Industry day will be held June 2-3, 2004."

X-37 program to end

17 May 2004: NASA Pases out X-37 Support

Editor's note: From a NASA Watch reader: "NASA will no longer be funding the X-37 program. They had been financing the Approach and Landing Test Vehicle (ALTV) which is currently under construction in Palmdale. Apparently, the program is moving forward; a new customer is supposed to be announced in a months time."

17 May 2004: AFL-CIO Dumps on Bush Space Vision

"Today I announce a new plan to explore space. Human missions to Mars and to worlds beyond. We may discover resources on the moon or Mars that will boggle the imagination. Human beings are headed into the cosmos"

His priorities are in the wrong place"

Editor's note: What an odd stance for a union to take. Think of all the new jobs that would be created - and many of them would no doubt be high-paying UNION jobs. And despite the silly suggestion to the contrary, every penny will be spent on Earth - most of it as salary.

16 May 2004: Deficit, war costs may shortchange moon, Mars goals, Houston Chronicle

"Four months after a ceremonious unveiling, President Bush's strategy to recapture the nation's Apollo-era glory by sending human explorers to the moon and Mars has stalled. After urgent calls for the White House to lead NASA's recovery from the Columbia shuttle accident with a new road map for exploration, Congress is scoffing at the $12 billion down payment."

14 May 2004: NASA's finances in disarray; auditor quits, Reuters

"PriceWaterhouseCoopers and NASA parted ways earlier this year, according to the space agency's inspector general, Robert Cobb. PriceWaterhouseCoopers declined to comment, but a source familiar with the situation said the audit firm opted out of the contract because it was unhappy with the relationship."

3 May 2004: NASA, We Have a Problem
Can Gwendolyn Brown fix the space agency's chronic financial woes?

"Two weeks later, troubling new doubts were raised about NASA's financial management. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the agency's auditor, issued a disclaimed opinion on NASA's 2003 financial statements. PwC complained that NASA couldn't adequately document more than $565 billion - billion - in year-end adjustments to the financial-statement accounts, which NASA delivered to the auditors two months late. Because of "the lack of a sufficient audit trail to support that its financial statements are presented fairly," concluded the auditors, "it was not possible to complete further audit procedures on NASA's September 30, 2003, financial statements within the reporting deadline established by [the Office of Management and Budget]."

10 May 2004: Leading Space Groups Agree: It's Time For The Moon, Mars And Beyond, Space Exploration Alliance

"Collectively these groups can count almost one million Americans as members or as employees of member companies. Their first goal as a group is to work for broad Congressional support of the new national vision for space exploration outside of low earth orbit, which they refer to as Moon, Mars and Beyond."

6 May 2004: NASA Introduces Astronaut Class of 2004 - The Next Generation of Explorers

6 May 2004: NASA's New Astronaut Class: It's been a long road, getting from there to here, SpaceRef

"NASA formally announced its new astronaut class today in a somewhat unusual (but appropriate) venue: a hangar filled with school children, historic aerospace artifacts, and a cultural icon."

7 May 2004: Heavenly Assignment - Hudson's Bay teacher to become astronaut, The Columbian

7 May 2004: Norfolk Navy SEAL chosen for NASA's astronaut class, The Pilot

10 May 2004: Teacher is first Peace Corps veteran to be named NASA astronaut, San Luis Obispo Tribune

10 May 2004: Collins Congratulates NASA Astronaut Candidate From York, Magic City Morning Star

10 May 2004: New NASA astronaut class to skip shuttle, UPI

"UPI also learned the original class of candidates consisted of 12, but when informed they would not be flying the space shuttles, one candidate withdrew."

PDAs on iss

7 May 2004: Space station astronauts, cosmonauts using HP handheld devices, Houston Business Journal

7 May 2004: Space Station gets handheld PCs,

"Members of the International Space Station crew don't need laptops to check their e-mail anymore. In addition to dropping off a new crew, last month's Expedition 9 flight to the station included a pair of Hewlett-Packard Co. iPAQ h5550 pocket PCs and accompanying accessories. The seven-ounce iPAQ has a biometric fingerprint reader, and a touch-sensitive 3.8-inch TFT color display."



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