Bunnysuit Issue Just Won't Go Away

31 July 2004: NASA Photos Unearthed: George H.W. Bush Wore a Bunny Suit Too, SpaceRef

In 1981 Vice President George H.W. Bush visited Kennedy Space Center and toured Space Shuttle Columbia with the two astronauts who flew it on its first mission - John Young and Bob Crippen. Bush also wore a bunny suit.

30 July 2004: An Unsuitable Costume for the Manly Candidate, Washington Post

"Being generous, one might argue that Kerry's intellectual curiosity caused him to ignore how ridiculous he would look in the clean gear. The chance to crawl around in a spaceship was too tempting. Most folks would find that hard to pass up. But he is not most people -- he wants to be president. As a general rule, anyone aspiring to be the commander in chief should always try to avoid looking like a Teletubby."

30 July 2004: NASA flip-flops on 'bunny' pics, Florida Today

"Just as a silly story like this begins to fade, some bureaucrat breathes new life into it," said Keith Cowing, editor of the space Web site nasawatch.com, which posted all of the pictures Thursday before NASA deleted them. Cowing said the episode illustrates how confusion inside the Kerry campaign turned a tour "dripping with opportunity" -- one that included a space shuttle and a national hero, Mercury 7 astronaut and former senator Glenn -- into a "self-inflicted" political mishap."

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