Armwaving from Mars

30 August 2004: Debating the Aldridge report, The Space Review

"Zubrin revealed that he had an opportunity to provide input to the Aldridge Commission by testifying but turned them down. He said the commission asked him to testify "on the condition that I not address any programmatic and technical issues." ...

... "Zubrin's harsh critique of the Aldridge Commission was the first time he had criticized it openly in a public audience. "I did not attack it publicly because the report has been disappearing on its own," he said, "and to attack it publicly would have been viewed as attacking the President's bandwagon." Several times during the debate he reiterated his position that the report will have no lasting impact on NASA or space exploration in general. "The good thing about the report was that it was so bad it was instantly forgotten," he noted."

Editor's note: In Mars Society President Bob Zubrin's universe there is but one destination: Mars - and only one way to get there: his way. Nothing else is worth doing. If you do not agree 100% with him - and with all of his dogma - then you are wrong. There is no middle ground.

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