Beagle 3 on MSL?

24 August 2004: Beagle 'may go to Mars on Nasa's flying bedstead', The Telegraph

"An appeal for a new and improved Beagle mission to be taken to Mars by the US space agency Nasa has been made by Prof Colin Pillinger, the driving force behind the Beagle 2 mission that was lost on Christmas Day."

23 July 2004: 'Beagle 3' looks to American ride, BBC

"Professor Pillinger says he wants to send a second Beagle instrument package to the Red Planet as soon as possible. "We wrote to Nasa last week, asking them if they'd like to put a Beagle pod on MSL and drop it off in an interesting place," he said."

2 June 2002: Race to Mars begins a distant search for life, CNN

"In 2000, Pillinger pilloried the NASA rovers as "much less scientifically accomplished." Unlike them, he told a meeting of British scientists, "Beagle 2 won't be going sightseeing."

Editor's note: Now I have seen everything. For years Colin Pillinger dumped on the U.S. and the way it builds spacecraft. Then he crashes his spacecraft on Mars - most likely because he cut too many corners - and his country loses faith in him. Now he tries to get a ride on a U.S. Mars mission due to lack of enthusiasm back home. What a hypocrite.

Oh yes - "Faster - Better - Cheaper" does not work Colin. We learned that lesson the hard way. Now its your turn. Hint: find more money.

24 August 2004: Beagle 2 Mission Report and Lessons Learned Released, PPARC

24 August 2004: Beagle 2 bites back, Nature

"The Beagle 2 mission team has released its own report about what went wrong with the ill-fated Mars lander. The European Space Agency (ESA) reviewed the mission earlier this year and blamed poor management of funds for the failure. But the UK team concludes that the most likely cause of Beagle 2's demise was the fact that the planet's atmosphere turned out to be thinner than expected, so the craft was unable to brake hard enough to land safely."

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