Bush Asks for Emergency Funds for NASA and Other Agencies

Editor's note: President Bush has now submitted an additional request to Congress for additional emergency FY 2004 supplemental appropriations in response to damage caused by the series of hurricanes which have struck the U.S. NASA is one of the agencies covered in this request: "For an additional amount for "Space Flight Capabilities," to repair facilities damaged and take other emergency measures due to the effects of hurricanes, $126,000,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That Congress designates this amount as an emergency requirement for this specific purpose."

15 September 2004: House Appropriations Committee Chairman Young Statement

"I will introduce a supplemental bill today that closely mirrors the President's request. I plan to move this package quickly and cleanly through the Congress. The sooner we get it on the President's desk, the sooner the aid can flow to our ailing communities."
"NASA: Space flight capabilities 126.0"

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