CBO Analysis of NASA Space Vision

6 September 2004: CBO Study: A Budgetary Analysis of NASA's New Vision for Space Exploration

"This Congressional Budget Office study assesses the implications that those plans might have for the content and schedule of NASA's future activities as well as the funding that might be needed to execute them. CBO developed estimates of how the costs to carry out NASA's plans for space exploration might differ from its current budget projection and then assessed potential budgetary or programmatic options that might be available to address such cost differences."

8 September 2004: Moon plan comes at steep price: $64 billion, Huntsville Times

"NASA is going to have to earn it a dollar at a time and a day at a time," Cowing said. "There are now problems cropping up with (the plan to return the space shuttle to flight in 2005), and now with the hurricane (damage at Kennedy Space Center), the first time you will hear discussions about new money will be about cost overruns. "People are tired of hearing about cost overruns. They turn on cynic filters."

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