No New launch date for Soyuz 9S - Yet

20 September 2004: U.S. Must Reimburse Russia for Using Soyuz Spacecraft, RIA NOVOSTI

"... space shuttles still remain grounded; and no one knows when their flights will be resumed. The United States is to commission a new space-transport system at least eight years from now. Consequently, NASA has no alternative but to reserve seats aboard Russian spacecraft."

17 September 2004: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status

"Moscow and Houston are continuing to evaluate a new launch date for Soyuz 9S, which has slipped by a few days. Under consideration are 10/11 and 10/13. The new date will be fixed at the Soyuz 9S GDR (General Designers Review) at RSC-Energia in Moscow on 9/22, followed by the SORR (Stage Operations Readiness Review) for Soyuz 9S Launch/Soyuz 8S Return/Increment 10 at NASA-JSC on 9/24."

15 September 2004: Russian mishap threatens launch schedule, MSNBC

"The explosion of a small separation bolt aboard the Soyuz spaceship now being prepared for a trip to the international space station may delay that launch for five or 10 days, Russian space officials have told journalists in Moscow. But so far, Russia has not officially informed its American partners of any possible delay."

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