Max Faget Has Died

10 October 2004: Legendary NASA Spacecraft Designer Dr. Maxime A. Faget Dies at 83

"The man who designed the original spacecraft for Project Mercury and is credited with contributing to the designs of every U.S. human spacecraft from Mercury to the Space Shuttle has died. Dr. Maxime A. Faget, who in 1958 became part of the Space Task Group that would later evolve into the NASA Johnson Space Center, died Saturday at his home in Houston. He was 83 years old."

Max Faget: Master Builder, Jim Oberg

"The cosmonauts would have perished in the blaze if their capsule had not been hurled clear by an ingenious escape system designed by a NASA engineer named Max Faget. Knowing a good thing when they saw one, the Soviets had copied the system."

11 October 2004: Spacecraft designer Max Faget leaves a huge legacy, Jim Oberg, MSNBC

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