More Flip Flops from Lori Garver

29 October 2004: Bush, Kerry differ on space, Florida Today

"Also, Sietzen alleges a Kerry administration would fly "far fewer" shuttle missions than the 28 to 30 NASA says are needed to complete the space station. Garver said Bush backers are stretching something she said in a Washington debate with Sietzen far out of context. Noone knows how many times the shuttle must fly to finish the station or do other jobs such as maybe repairing Hubble Space Telescope, she said. "They're trying to get Florida votes by scaring people," Garver said."

Editor's note: "Far out of context", Lori? I recorded the entire event - here is an excerpt - in context. I guess this means that what you actually say is not what you actually mean.

Frank Sietzen: "Does your candidate support the flying of the Space Shuttle until 2010?"

Lori Garver (a few minutes later) "The Kerry administration supports returning the space shuttle to flight (to answer your question Frank) uh and that we absolutely have to move on to a transition to a new system. The space station is an international partnership and we would work uh very quickly if possible as one of the areas we have a concern with to come to some agreement withour partners as to how we're going to fufill the partner agreement. You know, we now have a plan where we go to the space station after we return to flight 25-30 times by 2010. No one believes that we can do that, in fact I mentioned the head of USA - he is only being honest when he says he doesn't think we can do it by then. Uh, we will work with our international partners to come to an agreement over what needs to be done on space station and to fly the space shuttle to meet those agreements as many flights as that takes - that could be significantly less than 25-30 - and then transition to a new system."

Editor's note: Editor's note:Mike McCulley was improperly quoted by Garver. McCulley had told Siezten in an interview that he was speaking as an individual - not as a representative of USA. Sietzen corrected Garver's error later in the debate.

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