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20 October 2004: Message from NASA HQ - Public Inquiries Management Office, NASA HQ

"As NASA plots new courses to the moon, Mars, and beyond, we must equally plot communications strategies to keep our public and international communities informed of NASA's missions and accomplishments. One strategy is the realignment of the Public Inquiries Management Office (PIMO) within the Office of Public Affairs. This realignment centralizes the agency's management of public inquiries, albeit the medium--paper mail, e-mail, and voice-mail communications. As NASA moves forward, it is paramount that we explain our missions, programs, and activities in such a way that engenders a positive image for the agency."

NASA Web Portal Affinity Kit

"The Portal will use cutting-edge technology and thoughtfully created content to put NASA in the best light possible."

Editor's note: so long as NASA is focused on presenting a "positive image for the agency" or "the best light possible" it is going to stumble again and again. Rather, I would suggest, the better tactic for NASA PAO to take would be to present an "accurate" image of the agency - both flaws and strengths - as well as its accomplishments and challenges. When you try to distort reality and spin people's perceptions, they resist being spun. In contrast, when you are straight with people, they take the effort at face value and take the time to listen. THAT is how NASA should format its message.

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