A Snapshot of NASA's Financial Management System

27 October 2004: NASA Named Agency of the Year by Federal Financial Group, NASA

"NASA has been named the 2004 Agency of the Year by a federal organization honoring excellence in financial management. NASA was honored for its implementation of the Web Time and Attendance Distribution System (WebTADS), a Web- based system that collects employee time and attendance information."

29 October 2004: Notice of Establishment Pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee (NASA Financial Audit Committee)

"Purpose and Objective: The Committee will advise NASA Administrator on matters related to Agency financial management. The Committee will draw on the expertise of its members and other sources to provide its advice and recommendations to the Agency."

28 October 2004: Being Good Stewards of the Nation's Space Program, House Science Committee, Democratic Membership

"While the current Administrator was touted as a "bean counter" who would restore fiscal responsibility to the space agency, he has in fact presided over an agency who has now failed to achieve a passing grade on independent audits of its books for two of the last three years. More troubling, NASA's own inspector general has concluded that NASA is not likely to receive a clean audit for the next five years, and both the IG and the GAO have identified a series of problems with NASA's implementation of its financial management system."

20 October 2004: NASA OIG - Final Memorandum on Management of NASA Procurement Workforce, NASA OIG

"During the audit, we identified management control weaknesses for ensuring that designated Contracting Officer Technical Representatives (COTRs) received the required training. We found that, in some cases, COTRs lacked the required training necessary to carry out their delegated duties and responsibilities."

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