Gee, What a Coincidence

9 November 2004: Futron Launcher Study Ranks ILS' Atlas & Proton as Best, ILS

Editor's note: No mention is made in this press release of who actually sponsored this study (Lockheed Martin).

Best Launch Service Survey and Analysis November 2004, Futron (PDF)

"When purchasing launch services, customers balance many factors against contract price, insurance, and other business considerations. These factors typically include vehicle reliability, schedule, performance flexibility, and customer service. This report discusses each of these non-price factors in a launch service decision, and ranks the large GEO-capable launch vehicles available on the market today in each of these factors.1

"Atlas V ranked highest overall, ranking first place in three out of the four factors."

1 The research underlying this report was sponsored by Lockheed Martin; however, the analysis and conclusions were developed by Futron.

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