McCain On Earmarks

21 November 2004: Meet The Press, NBC

SEN. JOHN McCAIN, (R-AZ) "... We've got to have some kind of way of challenging these earmarks. We've got to have the president perhaps have the line-item veto. We've got to exercise not only overall budgetary control, but stop these earmarks. We're harming agencies like NASA and their ability to carry out their mission because we're diverting so much of the funds to other projects that are unnecessary and wasteful."

23 September 2004: NASA Excerpts from S. Rpt. 108-353; S. 2825, the Senate FY 2005 VA/HUD Appropriations Bill
10 September 2004: H Rpt 108-674 - VA/HUD Subcommittee's report on HR 5041

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