Post Election Reflections

15 November 2004: The making of a space policy, The Space Review (Jeff Foust/Futron)

'One thing that surprised [Kerry Space Advisor Lori] Garver was the strong negative reaction directly at her. "This was a very challenging thing to do, personally. I was attacked and slammed within my own community," she said. "It is difficult to operate in that kind of environment, since I was very concerned that this would come out negatively within the campaign." She noted that, for example, she was vilified for "flip-flopping" on the Vision for Space Exploration, initially supporting it before arguing against it, but insisted her change in opinion was sincere. "I truly believed, over time, that we would have a better chance of sustaining a NASA program that would evolve civilization into space," she said. "I truly started to believe that Kerry would be a better pro-space president." '

Editor's note: Gee, Lori. Talk about being naive. When you and/or your candidate say something in public - people remember.

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