Spacehab Takes NASA to Court

8 November 2004: Spacehab Files Tort Claim For Losses on Space Shuttle Mission

"Spacehab today announced that it has filed a formal claim against NASA under the Federal Tort Claims Act seeking restitution of its losses totaling in excess of $79.7 million resulting from the tragic destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003."

6 October 2004: Spacehab Receives Response from NASA Regarding Claim for Losses on Space Shuttle Mission

"NASA's notification to SPACEHAB in response to the claim represents the final decision of NASA. Although SPACEHAB has agreed to accept the contract indemnification amount of $8.0 million, the Company has the right to file an appeal for the difference between the $8.0 million amount specified by NASA and the amount identified in SPACEHAB's claim. The right can be exercised by filing an appeal with either the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals or the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. SPACEHAB is evaluating whether it will pursue an appeal. In addition to an appeal, SPACEHAB has other legal recourse it can pursue. Once an assessment of its options is complete, SPACEHAB will make a formal announcement of its decision."

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