No Snacks in Space

With Food Running Low, Space Crew Must Cut Back, NY Times

"The two astronauts aboard the International Space Station have been asked to curb their calories because of a food shortage, NASA officials said Thursday."

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 8 December 2004

"The CDR filled out his regular weekly FFQ (food frequency questionnaire), his sixth, that keeps a log of his nutritional intake over time on special MEC (medical equipment computer) software.[The FFQ records amounts consumed during the past week of such food items as beverages, cereals, grains, eggs, breads, snacks, sweets, fruit, beans, soup, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, chicken, sauces & spreads, and vitamins. IBMP-recommended average daily caloric value of the crew s daily food intake is 2200-2300 cal. If larger quantities of juices and fruits are taken into account, the value can go to 2400-2500 cal. U.S. and Russian teams are currently analyzing the onboard food and water data. To be prepared for the unlikely event that food and water delivery on Progress 16P does not arrive as planned, the U.S. has initiated development of appropriate strategies, including decrewing of the ISS. 16P, due to arrive on 12/25 (7:10pm EST) will deliver a total of 69 food containers with 209 rations.]"

"Leroy conducted the standard annual one-hour inspection and servicing of the food warmers in the galley (located in the SM). [Food warmers, food trays, utensils, etc., are part of the food preparation hardware of the CSS (crew support systems). The food warmers are in recessed wells in the galley table that also has crew and equipment restraints. Besides the galley, the wardroom area also includes a potable water dispenser (for hot and ambient water for drink and food hydration), a trash container, and two refrigerators.]"

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