O'Keefe Departure Analysis

13 December 2004: NASA Chief Is Resigning After 3 Years, Officials Say, NY Times

"Dr. John Logsdon, director of George Washington University's Space Policy Institute, said in an interview on Sunday that it was generally believed in Washington that Mr. O'Keefe was hoping for a high position at the Pentagon in the second Bush administration."

Editor's note:Just because something is "generally believed" doesn't mean that it is true, John.

12 December 2004: NASA chief applies for LSU chancellor, AP

"[Joel Tohline] said O'Keefe was the 21st applicant, and the committee is still encouraging other people to apply. He wouldn't say whether any others among the half-dozen they're "very interested in" are among the 21 who have applied."

12 December 2004: O'Keefe expected to leave NASA job, Orlando Sentinel

"The news of O'Keefe's decision was first reported by nasawatch.com, a Web site that tracks the space program. There has been speculation in Washington for months that O'Keefe might leave to go back to the Pentagon."

11 December 2004: O'Keefe poised to step down from NASA post, Houston Chronicle

"O'Keefe's tenure has been marked by triumph and tragedy, none more pivotal than Columbia's breakup. He embraced the reforms outlined in the often critical findings of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. Investigators concluded that O'Keefe inherited rather than instigated the safety and management lapses the led to loss."

11 December 2004: Reports: NASA chief Sean O'Keefe may leave agency, CBS/Spaceflight Now

"While many NASA insiders never warmed to O'Keefe's bureaucratic style, one said today "we've got a vision and the funding to go with it and we wouldn't have had it without him." "As far as what he brought to the agency, he brought the agency closer to the administration, got us support from the administration, got the administration's backing for the funding to go with it," he said. "So for that, you've got to give him high marks."

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