Prometheus and F-Ring Interactions

3 December 2004: NASA Cassini Image: Thieving Moon - Prometheus and F Ring Interactions

"As it completed its first orbit of Saturn, Cassini zoomed in on the rings to catch this wondrous view of the shepherd moon Prometheus (102 kilometers, or 63 miles across) working its influence on the multi-stranded and kinked F ring."

Editor's note: I responded to an official email from Carolyn Porco, Imaging Team Leader CICLOPS/Space Science Institute Boulder, announcing that this image had been posted on 3 December asking her "This was such a cool image. I noticed it on 31 October and posted it on NASA Watch and SpaceRef - but wondered why no one ever bothered to comment." Porco replied "What's your point? Comment on what?".

Someone needs some sensitivity training with regard to the media - and the general public.

1 November 2004: Small Moon (Prometheus?) Caught in the Act of Disturbing Saturn's F Ring?, NASA Watch

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