Surprise? What Surprise?

3 December 2004: Science Agencies Caught in Postelection Spending Squeeze, Science (Subscription required)

"The Administration's support for national security was never in doubt. But its commitment to the moon-Mars exploration vision that the president outlined last winter -- and ignored during the campaign -- was a surprising twist to the budget finale."

Editor's note: Gee, Andrew and Jeffrey, I guess you weren't following this story last July ...

26 July 2004: Bush stands by his space plan

"President George W. Bush's new space exploration plan has received a burst of hard-core support in Congress, aimed at blocking any attempt to cut its funding, and backed up by a rare veto threat from the president himself."

22 July 2004: Letter from OMB Director Bolten to Rep. Bill Young Concerning the FY 2005 VA/HUD Appropriations bill

"If the final version of this bill that is presented to the President does not include adequate funding levels for Presidential initiatives, his Senior Advisors would recommend that he veto the bill."

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