Tired WHines from the Washington Post

Questions for NASA, OpEd, Washington Post

"Indeed, taking over at NASA is something like inheriting a house partway through a renovation job that turned out to be ill-advised and running way over budget."

Editor's note: Alas, the intellectually lazy editorial staff at the Washington Post once again show how easy it is to wave their collective arms in the air about problems at NASA. Its as if they have a special button on their computer labeled "WHINE". The fact that the White House and Rep. Delay made passage of the entire federal budget contingent upon full funding for NASA is utterly unprecedented - yet they simply write it off as a pork ploy for Delay. Yet when it comes to a commensurate suggestion of possible solution(s) for NASA's woes, they put forth nothing. The closest they come up with is the worn out suggestion which can be summarized as "humans bad, robots good".

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