Two Predictable OpEds From Langley's Hometown Paper

6 December 2004 Lost in space, OpEd, Daily Press

"Congress and NASA would better serve the nation by investing in aeronautics research like that conducted at Langley Research Center. What Americans really need is not to put a few astronauts on the moon, but to get millions of people from one city to another and to deal with the congestion choking airports. Aeronautics research yields tangible benefits - air travel that is safer, less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Yet NASA cut aeronautics funding in half between 1998 and 2003 and wants to cut still more."

6 December 2004: Tunnel vision, OpEd, Daily Press

"The roots of the problem lie in NASA's decision to let a bookkeeping method - full-cost accounting - drive the fee structure at its research facilities. NASA insists that every function bear not only the cost of its own operation, but also a share of overhead. The burden of things like running headquarters is spread among various programs. But saddling wind tunnel users with these extra costs drives up fees and drives away users."

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