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NASA Office of Legislative Affairs Weekly Update 14 January 2005

Editor's note: If you look at this weekly summary which was sent out to Congressional staff on Friday at 5:04 PM EST you'll see that there is only one item listed for 14 January 2005: the 25th anniversary of the NASA Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program. No mention whatsoever is made of the ESA Huygens landing on Titan earlier today - an event people marked on their calendars years ago. This landing is part of the NASA Cassini mission with many U.S. collaborators - an astounding achievement which has NASA and ESA websites jammed with people trying to download images.

Oh by the way - they also seem to have forgotten another important 14 January event - i.e. the announcement of the President's space vision on 14 January 2004. They recall one anniversary of comparatively minor importance but ignore the anniversary of an event that has changed the entire agency's course and was the subject of incredible legislative activity last year.

Are they asleep in Code L? Or do they not have one of those Franklin Planners to remind them of things?

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