Happy Birthday from Roy

Editor's note: As part of his effort to stay in touch with LaRC employees, LaRC Center Director Roy Bridges has also taken to sending birthday wishes (see below) to individuals.

A reader from KSC writes: "This is something Roy did at KSC during his time here. As with most things like this some people liked it, others were ambivalent, others some times critical. Over all it does take special effort even with a staff and it does add a positive element to the culture."

Another reader from KSC writes: "I would like to second the comments that you've already posted from another "reader from KSC". I would also like to add that we still receive our birthday greetings from the current Center Director, Jim Kennedy. The birthday notes may be something new for LaRC, but they are nothing new for Roy Bridges. sign this, "Another Reader from KSC"

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