Workforce Challenges on the Rise

12 January 2005: NASA ARC Memo: Message from the Director - Enhancing Communication

"At the January 7 all-hands and other venues, people have suggested ideas for enhancing the flow of communications at the Center. Clearly, there is much happening very rapidly at NASA these days, and everyone needs to follow the details closely. Therefore, I am planning to implement the following: ..."

Editor's note: Are the center directors at LaRC, GRC, and MSFC also being this responsive to their employee's concerns? Let me know if they are - or if they are not.

Workforce Challenges at Ames Research Center - and Elsewhere at NASA, SpaceRef

"By 20 December 2004, according to NASA sources, it had become clear that ARC was far off from its hoped for goal of 80 people willing to take a buyout. In staff meetings with ARC managers on 20 December 2004 senior ARC management began to see that the ARC workforce did not seem to be taking the buyout program seriously. Many employees apparently believed that they could just hunker down and this crisis, like so many others in previous years, would eventually pass."

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