All Silent on the Administrator Front

Editor's note:The past few weeks have been relatively quiet with regard to the effort to replace Sean O'Keefe. Nothing has leaked out of the White House (with any veracity that is) as to names actually under consideration other than the fact that Michael P. Jackson was under serious consideration for the job until he took the number two position at Homeland Security. Weeks ago, a number of people were making it known that they would be interested in the job of NASA Administrator - if offered. Others went further and tried to circulate their names such that the White House would take notice of their interest - and perhaps act on it.

At the present time, however, the name of only one individual who openly expresses interest (and is also seeking) the job is circulating: Michael Griffin. Griffin has made his interest in the job of NASA Administrator known in Washington area and, more recently, at the AIAA Space Exploration Conference in Orlando. Griffin, of course, is no stranger to exploration and has offered many interesting and innovative ideas on the topic over the years. As to what names are (or were) on the actual list with which the Administration has been using to make its decision, only an exceptionally small number of people truly know. Indeed, many people in and around the White House who think they know who is on the list - actually don't know - or the list they are looking at is not the real list.

We'll all know soon enough, now won't we - and word of a choice may still surprise people. Just remember: the last time a NASA Adminstrator was chosen by this President it was an out of left field, last-minute choice: Sean O'Keefe.

It ain't over 'til it is over, folks.

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