Favorite Dive Damaged by Fire

Outpost, a longtime NASA tavern, damaged by fire, Houston Chronicle

"An electrical short in a neon sign is being blamed for an early morning blaze today that caused $15,000 worth of damage to a popular bar and grill frequented by NASA employees."

Reader Update: "This is an update on the Outpost Tavern fire story you posted Friday. . ."

"The Outpost is nearly rebuilt, less than eighty hours after a fire that quite possibly could spell catastrophic results for the old landmark.But with the assistance of a lot of dedicated customers who are not affiliated with NASA, as well as NASA civil servants and contractors - the place is coming back together.As of tonight, Monday January 31, the new roof is on and the interior sheetrock is back in place.In the next couple of days, the rest of the building and the final cleaning will be finished.

Not a lot of places can brag that after suffering a fairly major fire, they can be open again in a week or less, but due to the can-do spirit of the Outpost and those that come there, it can happen.If you have a chance in your busy lives, take a moment to thank those who serve you as public servants as police, fire and EMS people.A lot of them do this as a volunteer, as did the five agencies that responded to this fire and kept the memorabelia inside from suffering any damage.

For those that want updates on the Outpost Tavern and the progress of the restoration, as well as any information on the most famous space bar still standing, please go to our website http://www.outpost-tavern.net to see the latest information."

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