Hubble Two Gyro Test Underway

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report # 3803

"ACS & WFPC2 Two-gyro PSF, pointing and dither test: 12 orbits High priority observations {5 orbits} will be observed together at start of two- gyro SMS. Remaining 7 orbits provide further tests and additional experience in two-gyro mode. Goals: PSF, PSF repeatability, pointing and stability within the orbit {requirements 1a, 1c, 2 , 4}"

Gyro sacrifice may extend Hubble's life, New Scientist

"Engineers are testing whether the Hubble Space Telescope should clip its own wings in an attempt to survive as long as possible without a servicing mission. Preliminary results suggest the new, scaled-down operating mode will buy the telescope an extra year of life - possibly until the end of 2008 - without sacrificing too much science."

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