Less Than Happy Relations between U.S. and Russia?

Action-reaction in space: the "gyrodine war" heats up, Jim Oberg, Space Review

"For almost a week there was no public NASA or Russian response to the report February 10 on Alan Boyle's "Cosmic Log" from an internal NASA status report. The "investigation has confirmed that at least one of the international space station's astronauts [and possibly both] roamed into a "keep-out zone" (or KOZ, in NASA-speak) during a spacewalk last month."

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 10 February 2005

"A joint US/Russia investigation of the recent EVA-12 has determined that at least one crewmember inadvertently entered a designated keep-out zone (KOZ) during SM roll thruster activity (for CMG desaturation). Safety procedures are being modified on both sides to ensure future prevention of KOZ violation during spacewalks."

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