This just makes me sick

Editor's note:Bruce Moomaw [ ], a regular contributor to and occassional writer for Astronomy Magazine has speculated on why the White House has yet to name a NASA Administrator - and why Fred Gregory has been appointed Acting Administrator. Moomaw posted the following on two widely-read Yahoo Groups [here and here] with hundreds of members including many prominent space scientists:

"Of course, there may be another reason for this move -- Fred Gregory is black, and this administration (as we know by now) is very fond of utilizing a thin facade composed of the very small coterie of nonwhites who support it, in order to cover up its Simon Legree-ish actual policies."

To publicly assert such motives on the part of the White House or to imply that Fred Gregory would be a willing participant is utterly reprehensible. If Mr. Moomaw has a shred of decency he will apologize - immediately.

15 Feb 2005: I got a long message on my voicemail from Simon Mansfield, the editor of Space this afternoon. In among a long slew of insults and repeated suggestions that I was not professional (certainly a curious way to make that point), was his assertion that neither he or his website has anything to do with Mr. Moomaw's comments.

For the record let me state that I have no evidence that his assertion is incorrect. Simon is not that kind of person. Anyone who draws such an inference from my original post would be incorrect in so doing. However, for purposes of identifying what Mr. Moomaw does for a living as an author, it is certainly true to say that Mr. Moomaw is "a regular contributor to and occassional writer for Astronomy Magazine."

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