Aeronautics Hearing

"There is a lot of concern that the investment in aeronautics research and development by this Nation has been limping along for several years, and that there is a lack of a national strategy. Over the next five years, NASA is proposing to reduce its aeronautics workforce by approximately 2000 people and to shut down a number of its wind tunnels. The questions that I have are: Are these wise decisions for our Nation? Should NASA develop a national strategy for aeronautics before these valuable assets and skills are lost? If there is such a national strategy, is NASA aligned to support that national strategy? Does NASA have a Human Capital Strategy or are these personnel cuts solely for budget purposes?"

NASA cuts threaten future of US aeronautics, New Scientist

"Philip Anton, director of the non-profit RAND Acquisition and Technology Policy Center in Santa Monica, California, agrees that closing one or more of the main wind tunnels and propulsion test facilities may alleviate short-term budget pressures. But he says the cuts would hurt the industry in the long run. "It often takes a decade to build these kinds of major facilities, and more years to fund them - replacing all of these facilities would cost billions," he told the subcommittee."

NASA Proposal to Reduce Spending for Aviation Research by 20% Dismays Experts, NY Times

"I am generally dismayed by the magnitude and trend of the proposed NASA aeronautics budget," Dr. R. John Hansman Jr. of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said at a hearing of the House Science Committee Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics."

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