ARC PAO Foot Dragging

NASA Scientists to Discuss Risks of Moon Dust, NASA ARC

"During a workshop entitled "Biological Effects of Lunar Dust," scheduled March 29-31, 2005, at the Radisson Inn, Sunnyvale, Calif., leading scientists and physicians will review current knowledge about lunar dust and its medical risks, and recommend strategies to obtain new information needed for medical and engineering experts to manage the particulate risk for lunar exploration."

Editor's note: Sounds like fun. Too bad ARC PAO goes out of their way not to let people know about this event. They are shooting themselves in the foot by waiting until the last minute (6 days - 2 of which are over a weekend) to alert reporters and possible attendees - thus diminishing possible attendance. Indeed, If you go to the website listed in this 23 March press release you'll see that the hotel/meeting registration deadline is (was) 21 March. As such, anyone reading this announcement it can't go. So why send it out?

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