Field Center Budget Cut Update

Other Voices: Aviation depends on NASA, opinion, Rep. Jo Ann Davis, Daily Press

"I have suggested to the Science Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics that perhaps aeronautics funding, which is currently included in overall NASA funding, should get a separate section in the budget. This would help protect aeronautics funding from larger NASA visions such as a trip to Mars. Aeronautics funding is a matter of national security, and last time I checked, the planet Mars was not an emerging threat to United States security."

NASA shrinks Ames Research Center, FCW

"NASA officials announced the week of March 7 that they would offer IT workers buyout packages with a federally mandated cap of $25,000. Ames officials told employees that at least 400 civil servants and 400 contractors would be laid off if they do not accept the offers, union officials said."

Consider technology gains before cutting NASA funds, editorial, Decatur Daily

"If anyone questions the benefits of NASA and space experimentation, remind them that devices such as the cellular telephone might not be as advanced or even invented without NASA's need to make things smaller."

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