NASA MSFC Memo: Let the Grass Grow Tall

Nasa to weed command: you have permission to boldly grow, The Guardian

"It put a man on the moon and gave the world the non-stick saucepan, but faced with an impending budget crisis, Nasa has been forced to cancel a more down to earth project: gardening."

Marshall won't mow as much; McDaniel says move looks bad, Huntsville Times

"[NASA Advisory Council member Mark] McDaniel said he's concerned how the lawn-care cutbacks would make Marshall and Redstone Arsenal appear if the Base Realignment and Closure Commission visits Redstone in the next few months. The commission is due to make its recommendations to President Bush by the end of summer."

Reader comment: "What next? Will we be shredding our own documents in the parking lot because the "mulch" truck is no longer funded? Sigh..."

A JSC Reader suggests: "Maybe JSC could loan them some cattle and donkeys and they could acquire goats. Or institute a mandatory physical fitness program whereby all CS go out and maintain the grounds.They would then have a charge number and coverage."

Editor's note: "... the grass in other than high visibility areas will be allowed to reach a height of 8 to 12 inches and there will be no more special work requests accepted." Yikes! I hope they don't have any mountain lions (cougars) at MSFC like ARC has! They could hide in the tall grass and pose a danger to employees.

From: MSFC_Activity_Notice
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 9:41 AM
To: MSFC Activity Notice
Subject: Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance Scope Reduction

Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance Scope Reduction

The Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance contracts have been de-scoped due to funding limitations. There will be no new flowers planted, weeds will not be removed from plant beds, parking areas and sidewalks, edging will only be performed along sidewalks and only in high visibility areas, the lawns will not be watered or fertilized, the grass in other than high visibility areas will be allowed to reach a height of 8 to 12 inches and there will be no more special work requests accepted. Please accept the fact that the Center grounds are not going to be kept in a manner that we are accustomed to and do not blame the Grounds and Landscaping Contractors. We will assure they meet the requirements of their de-scoped contracts. We will make every effort to adjust scope upward in FY06 once funding levels are re-evaluated.

For detailed information in your area, contact John Nebrig at 544-6934 or May Wales at 544-5552.

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