OK, Keith: You Said We'd Hear Something 'Very, Very soon'

Bush to Nominate Bolton as U.N. Ambassador, AP

Bush Selects Steve Johnson to Head EPA, AP

Editor's note: One of the procedural roadblocks to naming a new NASA Administrator was the fact that other senior positions, some whose filling was viewed as being more pressing than the number one slot at NASA, needed to be filled. One such post was EPA. Another was UN Ambassador. Now that these slots have been filled, it is expected that the White House can focus on other empty positions - including that of NASA Administrator. Several weeks ago, just as Sean O'Keefe was saying farewell, there was a flurry of interest among senior Administration circles that the announcing of a name was imminent - hence my posting here that there would be an announcement "very, very soon". Well, that bubble of informed speculation burst shortly thereafter. None the less, name(s) continue to be vetted at the White House. Given the prospect of no anticipated problems at NASA in the next few months, there is no pressing urgency to accelerate the selection process. Yet if they can get it of their to do list, they will.

As such, whether an announcement is imminent - perhaps Wednesday or (more likely) Thursday of this week - or weeks away - remains to be seen. Rest assured, contrary to those who suggest that the Administration is not paying attention to this issue, someone, somewhere in the White House is working on it. Stay tuned.

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