There Is a Great Disturbance in the Force ...

Editor's note: Dan Goldin has been consulting for Randy Brinkley at Kistler for the past several months. [Audio 1]

Hutchison wants to put NASA back on course, Houston Chronicle

"She has a real understanding of what NASA ought to be," said George W.S. Abbey, a senior fellow in space policy at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy and former director of the Johnson Space Center. "She has a picture of what's right for the country as well."

Editor's note: He's ba-ack .... [Audio 1] [Audio 2]

NASA still working to reshape attitudes, USA Today

"Wetherbee says he left out of disappointment at NASA's lack of change and out of hope that he could do some good if he no longer worked there. "It became clear to me ... that upper-level managers did not want to change," he says. "I realized I was ineffective on the inside, so maybe I'll be able to speak out and be more effective on the outside."

NASA's culture still poses danger, ex-astronauts say, USA Today

"Wetherbee, 52, says he left his job on the safety staff at the Johnson Space Center in Houston out of frustration at the slow pace of progress. He still consults for NASA and is writing a book about his time there."

Editor's note: Hmmm.... pangs of guilt from Jim Weatherbee, one of George Abbey's chief henchmen?

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